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RKS Cleaning Services Ltd is Queenstown's leading commercial and residential cleaning company. Using the power of science we utilise modern technology to produce a state of the art finish.

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The science

Did you know . . . If you were to test your tap water for total dissolvable solids (TDS) you would get a reading of 025-600 parts per million. This is fine for drinking but no good for window cleaning! With our mobile 6-stage Filtration System, we can extract all minerals from the water, producing a TDS reading of 000ppm- Provide perfectly clean and sparking glass!

The system

  • Our 6-stage Filtration System includes:
  • -  2 pre-washable filters- removing both larger debris and smaller particles.
  • -  Reverse Osmosis Filters- using a very fine polysulfone filter membrane to remove impurities such as calcium & sodium.
  • -  De-Ionised water polisher- where mixed resin beads (made up of organic polymer chains) remove all the positive and negatively charged atoms and molecules.

De-ionized water is basically where all the positive and negatively charged atoms and molecules (ions) found in water are removed, this is achieved using mixed resin beads. The beads and made up of organic polymer chains which have charged functional groups with a positive and negative charge which attract the ions. For example, Hydrogen (H+) would be attracted to the negatively charged beads and Hydroxyl (HO-) would be attracted to the positively charged beads thus creating H2O. While storing de-ionized water for long periods it can change its pH, this is due to the carbon dioxide in the air dissolving in the water and forming carbonic acid (H2CO3) as we carry our filtration set up with us to each job and ‘make’ our pure water on site this minimizes storage and maximizes the quality of water!

The science of window cleaning

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